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Obi's Story - By Jean De Mennato (Owner)


Obi is a Bichon Frise and after suffering from complete paralysis including not being able to chew or bark, Obi is completely back to his mischievous little self and once again a very happy boy thanks to Emily and Katie at Hydro Hounds and their dedication, knowledge and kindness.


Without the hydrotherapy which Obi did twice a week, Obi would not be running around enjoying his life now.


Obi suffered an attack on his immune system from something unknown and the paralysis made Obi feel very nervous and vulnerable but Emily and Katie built up his trust and confidence in the water treadmill.


The hydrotherapy was key to his recovery as it enabled him to get feeling back into his limbs with assisted help with his movement.


At first Obi's recovery was slow but no one gave up on him and with hard work and dedication he began to move by tummy shuffling then on to crawling until his muscle was strong enough to stand and take his weight; from there it's all history as Obi is now running around being busy and interested in everyone and everything.


I can't thank the staff or recommend Hydro Hounds enough; it's an amazing treatment and I have seen first hand how much it can help a very much loved pet to regain strength and mobility!


Angela F


HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! We have been attending Hydro Hounds for a few years now. Went to Hydro Hounds due to fantastic recommendation from out vet and a number of friends who had used them also. Caring staff, who put the dogs needs first, and continuing support families and the dogs even after their initial course of treatment. Will continue coming for maintenace therapy just because our dog loves going so much. Thank you again for everything!!

Matthew K


Great team of hydrotherapists who have been helping our disabled dog for over 2 years. New refurb to the premises  and a professional and friendly service from a team of  people who really care about animals.

Stephanie W


I couldn’t recommend this place enough. The staff are amazing and have worked absolute wonders for my dog who loves the treadmill. She is doing so well after her surgery and it’s all thanks to Hydro Hounds...

Ben R


I took the recommendation from my dogs physiotherapist, to use hydrohounds and feel really satisfied, great team of friendly staff, great communication and great facilities.

Cecile C


We have been taking Alfie to Hydro Hounds for nearly two years now. The team has always been so friendly, caring and most importantly everyone knows Alfie and his condition. Thank you once again for your help.

0208 763 2020

Registered Member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association

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