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Referral Procedure

Obtaining a veterinary referral form is a CHA regulatory requirement for all our patients. This enables us to have a complete history of your dog's health so we can provide the safest and most beneficial treatment plan tailored for your dog.


We are unable to treat any animal without a signed veterinary consent form.


       1. A referral form can be printed from the link below and taken to your veterinary surgeon for signing.


       2. The signed referral form can be sent to us via email.


       3. Upon receipt of this referral form, one of our team will contact you to make arrangements for an initial assessment.


       4. Once an appointment has been made, you will receive an email with all relevant information of your up coming therapy.


       5. Email and text reminders of your appointment will be sent to you.


       6. Hydro Hounds will contact your vet following your session and continue to keep them updated with your pet's treatment

           plan and progress.

0208 763 2020

Registered Member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association

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